Squishable Modular Synth Workstation 1.JPG

Squishable 挤按

Squishable is a self-contained modular synth instrument. It has 3 parts that are all essential to the playing and composing experience.

Sidrassi is an analog modular synthesizer with 7 independent voices, each voice has 6 CV patch points (FM in / glitch in 1 / glitch in 2 / squarewave out / gesture out 1 / gesture out 2), you can modulate each voice with audio signal and gesture signal from other voices to make your own performing interface. Sidrassi is designed by Peter B (http://www.ciat-lonbarde.net) and Squishable uses Peter’s original PCB.

VM (Voltage Memory) is interally connected to control pitch of 4 voices / main pitch / timber of Sidrassi. It provides save/recall feature, and it offers a vast number of modularized recalling methods. Thanks to it, Squishable can save 84 sets of tuning, so you can play complex chords, melodies and tonal music pieces. As well as complex automated pitch changes controlled internally or externally .

2 of AM (Arcade Manifold) provide a versatile routing and mixing system, making patching process playable in real time. as well as connecting your squishable to your other modular systems.


第一个部分是 Sidrassi,是一个7复音的模拟合成器电路。每个复音都包含有6个 CV 输入输出。这部分电路使用 Peter B 的原装电路板。

第二个部分是 Voltage Memory。多模式六通道 Programmer。用来存储 Sidrassi 的音高,并且有多种音序、琶音、压敏感应功能。可以被 Sidrassi 的 CV 输出控制,根据演奏变换音高。

第三个部分是 Arcade Manifold。是一个为实时使用设计的信号连接控制模块。可以将信号混合,分配并被按键控制。通过使用这个模块,可以把信号连接这个本来非实时的过程变成实时可控、可演奏的过程。同时,它还包含有三种不同接口,方便连接 squishable 和其他的模块系统。

*for safety of Squishable, please keep the incoming CV in 0-9v range.