Electronic Expression 电路表达

The “Electronic Expression” way of electronic musical instrument interface design, is not to consider sound parameters, but to think from the angle of circuit interference.

It may result in a complex change on a combination of sound parameters, and very expressive reactions can be found. This method has a lot to do with circuit instability, touch and feedback. by touching selected nodes from circuit, new connections are made, circuits behaviors are also affected.

Synth pioneer Peter B created the sandrode concept - androgynous nodes that are neither input nor output, but perform both functions at different times. They are actually selected raw nodes from circuits, each time they are touched / patched, it effectively create a new circuit, and most of the time it would affect many aspects of sound. At the same time as sandrodes are unprotected, raw nodes, it's highly possible to destroy components by combining units. I look forward that more self-contained units using this method would be available to the public.



合成器大师 Peter B 曾经创造了 "sandrode" 这个概念。它指的是又能作为输出,也能作为输入的电路端点。从根本上来说,它们其实就是一些未经保护和匹配的电路节点。通过对它们的操作,我们一定程度上是在组装新的电路,这通常也能导致在声音上很多属性的同时变化。与此同时,未保护的电路节点在几台机器相互连接的同时很可能损坏元件,所以一般来讲这种玩法都会被限制在同一台乐器上。我期待有更多使用这种玩法的乐器出现。

Sidraw Prototype





this combination of 5-rolz circuits and a sidrax emerged from my former experimentation with sidrolz and tetrolz instruments. that if a sandrode is patched to a piezo input via a resistor and a capacitor, it can stay silent until a sandrode is touched.

the 5-rolz circuits are actually “wrong” in traditional sense and very easily interfered and falling into various semi-stable states. there are so many hidden sweet spots and accidents to discover but at the same time most patches and playing gestures are fairly reproducible making it a learnable instrument. hi

all sandrodes are available on the panel so they can be used to modulate pitch and timber. also they are normalled to control the stereo VCA for each voice. This setup enables complex parallel voices relationships far more than simple mixing.