Biography 个人介绍

Meng Qi is a pioneer synthesizer designer and musician, fame for his music and distinctive musical instruments, which are being used by electronic music artists all over the world. With dedication, research and experience in electronic musical interfaces, he designs synthesizers with unique thoughts and aesthetics, and plays modular synthesizers with a gestural, emotional edge.

Meng Qi has multiple identities. He's not only a electronic musician, but also a synth designer and a teacher.

On music. He started learning electronic music in 1999, released two albums in 2005 and 06 : "Landscape In Love" and "Landscape On Live" (ChinaVibe Recordings), and had been active in electronic music Live P.A. performances in the following years. In 2018 he released 2 albums : "Sidrolz" (Obsolete Staircases Recordings), an album played with his DIY instrument of the same name, exploring raw electronic expressions. and "Span" (Cloudchamber Recordings), a collection of snapshots in time, moods manifested into physical reality.

On synth designing, Meng Qi released "Voltage Memory" in 2015, the first eurorack module from China. Followed by some other module designs (e.g."DPLPG"). He had also transformed some open-source Ciat-Lonbarde circuits into circuit boards. Due to his constant and strong interests in musical interfaces, he built a lot of experimental musical instrument for researching.

On teaching, he had taught in Beijing Contemporary Music Academy, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts and Central Academy of Fine Arts, for Sound Synthesis, Programming and Instrument DIY. He also had workshops and lectures in Munich Knobs & Wires, Shenzhen Design Society, Macao City Fringe Festival, Zhihu Club, TEDxDALIAN, Beijing Maker Space, XinCheJian, Maker Carnivals, Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Zajia lab and so on. In 2002 he wrote the first Fruityloops tutorial in Chinese, and 2005-08 with 18 sound synthesis tutorials, and in 2015 he worked with Zihua to record a modular synthesis video lecture.

On 2014 he joined Liquid Palace, which is active in performances. He used to be a member of ChiRen band during 2008-14.


音乐方面,他 1999 年开始自学电子音乐,2005-06 年在 ChinaVibe 厂牌发布专辑《山水恋》和《山水·颤》,并在之后的几年间活跃在现场电子音乐的舞台上。2018 年在美国两个厂牌分别出专辑《Sidrolz》和《Span》,前者是用同名自制乐器演奏的音乐,探索电路特有的表现力。后者收录了近几年创作的单曲,记录了这段时间的一些情绪和状态。

合成器设计方面,孟奇自 2007 年开始自制乐器,于 2015 年做完中国最早的 Eurorack 模块 Voltage Memory,之后陆续设计了 DPLPG 等模块。他也曾把 Ciat-Lonbarde 的一些开源设计画成电路板。又由于对演奏界面持续而强烈的兴趣,他设计制作了大量实验乐器进行研究。

教学方面,他曾于中央美术学院、现代音乐学院、天津美术学院等大学任教,课程内容包括声音合成、编程和乐器制作。并曾在慕尼黑 Knobs & Wire、知乎盐 Club、TEDx 大连、设计互联、澳门艺穗节、创客空间、新车间、创客嘉年华、上海音乐学院、杂家实验室等地讲座或开展工作坊。他曾于 2002 年写了最早的中文 Fruityloops 教程,在 2006-08 年间写了 18 篇声音合成教程,在 2015 年与自化合作录制模块合成器教学视频。

2014 年他加入液体宫殿乐队,至今活跃于各种演出活动中。他也曾于 2008-14 年效力于痴人乐队。