Wing Pinger Prototype 2

Being more of a musical interface designer and a musician than an engineer, I always feel that the design process just began when all functions work.

After >2 weeks playing the prototype1, I refined the Wing Pinger design :

Control layout rearrangement for ergonomics : More frequently used parameters under swifter fingers, switches on far sides for palm operation. You don't need to lift your hand when playing Wing Pinger, all controls easily reachable with natural hand position;

Solving equations works, but for a musical instrument, you need to feel. A precise resistance box was used during design process, for optimizing the range and response of several controls.

Prototype 2 is slimmer than version 1 by 8mm, with minijack patchbay.

In addition to the points above :

  1. Function of a switch is changed, now it switches between 2 pinging speeds. With FAST, the pinging signals reach audio frequency. The range of sound broadens into harsh noise territory;

  2. Circuit refinement and tweaks.

The work on prototype 3 is already started several days ago. Sorry for being quiet for long, but my work has never stopped.

Enjoy the video below :

At the end, thanks for witnessing a small historical moment of mine, as this is the first newsletter I’ve ever done.

Take care.