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mq computer 2

updated - touch replaced by more "patch compose", as my virtuosoship is dedicated to a future instrument.
升级了——触摸替代为更多 “连线作曲”,因为我的演奏会专注于未来的一个乐器。

I escape from "endless possibilities", aiming for complexity I can handle, to avoid machines taking over expressions.
我逃离 “无穷的可能性”,力求自己能掌控的复杂程度,防止机器统治表达。

essentially, building a custom system is to set up workflow by reducing complexity.

balance : don't want more, yet won't settle for less.
平衡 :不需要更多,也不能更少。

too many wires so the faceplate won't close.
when I powered this unit up, I found complex noise at TR inputs of teletype coming from floating opamp inputs.
they travel through TR threshold so scripts may trigger randomly, even touching faceplate affects it.
a bit daunting at first, soon replaced by curiosity of exploring unusual expresssions.
接电之后我发现在 teletype 的 TR 输入端有复杂的噪音信号,它们来自浮空的运放输入。

btw, it's ceremonious to have designs of peter, gil, brian, oliver in a small box.