Synth Interface Theorist
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Gestural Patching 手势连线

Gestural Patching 手势连线

Generation of control signals is a great way to play synthesizers, I guess it's also nice to play patching, so I designed this genre of instruments.
My aim is to convert the knowledge based, slow patching process into muscle memory based, real-time playing.

我的目的是把模块合成器中 “Patching” 这个基于理论知识、缓慢的过程变成基于肌肉记忆,实时的演奏。

Tetrax Drum

I hit skin for slopes, and shake jingles for patches.

I tried to adapt hand drum gestures to the methods to play an analog synth : CV generation and patching.
patches is changed by a bunch of tilt ball switches installed in various directions.
gestural patching is instant, chaotic but not random, so muscle memories would build up through playing.

based on Peter's tetrax.

Magnet Matrix

from a telephonist to a chess player

patch cables are for deterministic patching;
matrix is an uniform layout that encourages improvisational and realtime playing,
hopefully similar to what isomorphic keyboard layouts do for musical notes.

fast and effortless patching with magnet pins and touch,
pins are stable / clean, touches are temporary / noisy.
as you would play notes on a piano, on magnet matrix you play patch,
which may introduce notes, timbers, chaos and more.


就像你在钢琴上演奏音符,在 magnet matrix 上你演奏信号连接,