DogDeer 犬鹿

DogVoice + Deerhorn 两电路组成的乐器,两个电路均由 Peter B 设计。
DogVoice 包含两组组高频振荡器,通过调幅产生可听信号,分别进入低通滤波。
Deerhorn 是一个先进泰勒明。下部肠形天线感受生物体,根据距离和动作(远离、靠近)产生控制信息和声音。

a musical instrument made with DogVoice + Deerhorn, both circuits designed by Peter B.
DogVoice has 2 pairs of high freq osc, heterodyned to make audible tones, then though low pass filters.
Deerhorn is an advanced theremin. that intestine-shaped antenna sense flesh and output signals based on distance and motion (leaving / approaching).